Written, directed, shot in 35mm, and produced by Joe La Penna, "Meemo" is a touching portrait about two people and the love and friendship they've shared for more than fifty years.

Meemo, (Tom Morissey) and Janice (Irma Saint Paul) exhibit an uncommon love that started when they were childhood sweethearts. They have enjoyed a long, happy life together and remain the focal point of each other's lives, as their marriage generated no children. Their happiness is threatened when Janice is stricken with Alzheimer's disease, and Meemo finds himself unprepared to face the world without his companion.

Each day, Meemo visits his bed-ridden wife at the hospital. As her condition worsens, Janice is unresponsive, and Meemo watches in pain as the love of his life slips further and further away from him.

Watching his wife slowly fade away he is burdened and tortured of this intangible loss and the imagined pain that his wife is going through.