Ongoing Projects

Recently finished shooting a pilot on the PD150 for the Betty Series, an amateur sports show where girls compete in surfing, skateboarding, wakeboard riding, & snowboarding. A selected few travel across country during the summer season on the Betty Series tour bus. Arranged by the Betty Series founder, Missy Sixberry all the girls compete in several different contests throughout their tour. All compete for the ultimate prizeŅa professional contract in the sport of their choice. This pilot is currently being circulated around to the major networks.

Directing, producing, and shooting a documentary on people that fly, raise, and breed pigeons on rooftops in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and from backyards in Long Island and New Jersey.

Directing, producing, and shooting a documentary on his uncle's involvement in the Vietnam war. Contrasted with over 100 graphic images taken by his uncle during the war and video footage of his present day life as a retired cop. La Penna shows us how the affects of that war on an 18 year old quickly forced this teenager to be a man. Raping him of most of his youth, the pain of the war still lingers with him to this day.